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Fountain Hills, AZ 85269
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Longtin's is a set of practice books on land use law, including planning, zoning, subdivision, building and environmental regulation. It is a law book designed for lawyers. It is also a practice book designed for planners, engineers, developers, public officials, citizen groups, and others interested in land use.

Longtin's is intended to be used as a first-step resource in researching land use legal issues. It is an authoritative law book that has been cited as such by all courts, including the Supreme Court, and the Attorney General. For many years, Longtin's has enjoyed a reputation as the "bible" on land use. Its ease of use is marked by its organization, tables and index. For a review of content, click on table of contents.

Longtin's is updated annually. The set, including update, now contains five volumes (over 2800 pages) and sells for $250. It is sold on a 30-day free trial review.


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